Bridging information asymmetries in startup investing.

I support startup fundraising processes with insights from both the founder and the investor side.



Supporting ambitious founders in reaching their fundraising goals.

Most founders have little to no experience with fundraising, while dealing with an investor who has likely seen hundreds of fundraising processes. I help bridge this issue of asymmetric information by supporting founders with both strategic and operational topics such as:

  • creating pitch decks and financial plans
  • coaching founders on storyline and investor communication
  • answering data requests
  • evaluating term sheets


Supporting corporates in finding the right startups to invest in.

Especially at an early stage, (new) investors tend to pay prices that don’t reflect a startup’s stage or potential. This not only leads to discontent on the investor side, but can also inhibit a startup’s development by limiting its future access to capital. Next to providing operational support to experienced investors and in M&A processes I help new investors with topics such as:

  • performing full commercial due diligences by evaluating founders, markets and/or businesses (incl. key KPIs and financial plans)
  • defining market standard valuations and providing term sheets
  • setting up processes and tools for deal flow management



Having experienced countless fundraising processes from the investor side, participating in my first fundraising on the startup side opened my eyes to how little each side knows about how the other works. That’s when I decided to dedicate my time to startup investment processes and overcoming the inherent information asymmetries.

Previous professional experience includes being the first employee at hyper-growth micro-mobility startup Tier Mobility, 2.5 years at the venture capital fund Speedinvest as well as several journalistic placements at Media companies.



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Isabel Russ